Most television critics and writers have good things to say about Craig and the Late Late Show and are willing to laugh at themselves, as evidenced by their reaction to Craig’s telephone prank early yesterday morning.

CBS talked Wednesday with TV critics about the future of the network’s programs. Nothing specific about Craig was mentioned in that article but others report CBS execs say they’re happy to have both David Letterman and Craig doing what they’re doing.

Craig had a fun twitter exchange with Carrie Fisher last night. Carrie started with this before the show: On my way to do Craig Ferguson show. Pray for me. To which Craig responded: The spectacular @CarrieFFisher on the show tonight. Pray for me. Then after the show, Carrie said: hope I didn’t go to far. And Craig replied: Fair warning Tonights show pretty dirty even by my standards. @CarrieFFisher terrifies censors but delights me. I love you Carrie. She is one of a kind.

Craig also posted this after the show: Listening to R.L. Burnside very very loud. Have an almost uncontrollable urge to rob a liquor store and ride my motorbike off of a cliff. Ah, memories.

Josh Robert Thompson tweeted this late last night: Geoff Petersen IN-STUDIO on “The Kerri Kasem Podcast” #167! OH MYYYY!

RSA member nerdsrocket attended a taping of the Late Late Show and blogged about it: Read about my experience being “sexually harassed” by Craig Ferguson’s warm-up comedian #craigferguson Thanks to the RSA’s bgrhubarb for sending us the link.

Back in 2009, Men’s Journal conducted a brief but entertaining interview of interviewed Craig.

Stage and screen actress Mary Louise Parker and medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta will join Craig on tonight’s Late Late Show.

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