“On the road again… just can’t wait to get on the road again…” -Willie Nelson

@randykagan tweeted this morning as the bus rolled north from Biloxi: We now have a fancy tour bus! I am in my bunk as we speak. All hail Craig!!!!

He also tweeted some pictures of the bus: Here here and here

Craig took a moment to comment on lunch: Just returned from a glamorous celebrity luncheon @ a truck stop taco bell in MS. Dreading some kind of gastric retribution for my gluttony And @rebtuck added: Super Walmart in Mississippi shopping for bus food. Theme of the day seems to be popsicles.

Tonight’s destination is Robinsonville, Mississippi, not far from Memphis, Tennessee for a standup show at the Gold Strike Casino. As Craig mentioned last night, the LLS will be in re-runs for a week while he’s touring.

Meanwhile, Grant Imahara is in the shop today, working on Geoff Petersen. He tweeted: Happy Saturday! In the shop working on a certain robo skeleton. Today’s goal: mount the arms and legs and then begin the jaw… We’re looking forward to more updates as he makes progress.

Whoops! Forgot to post a Friday fact. It’s a day late but here it is: If Craig’s 140,793 followers (ranked 737th on Twitter) became a city, it would be the country’s 174th largest, bigger than Hartford, CT; Fort Collins, CO or Syracuse, NY!

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