Our dear friend Malinky2Stoatir has posted a blog entry about the loss of her YouTube channel. We think you’ll agree that she captures both the disappointment and the hope for the future we all feel. As you’ll read, many of the episodes exist in some form and she will be specifically tell us when we can ask for requests sometime soon, creating more of a “best of” collection online. In the meantime, she asks not to be bombarded with messages… it’ll surely take a while to get things sorted out. And of course, do check out her new channel for all the latest Late Late Show segments and Craigy moments.

Craig had one of his best one-two punch tweets of all time last night, sending his followers into an at-reply frenzy. Here’s what he said: In Vegas. I don’t drink smoke or gamble. Getting some very judgemental looks. Better get a hooker – to blend in. Hm. Redhead or midget? Followed by: In Vegas#2. Decided to forego redheaded midget prostitute for nice cup of hot tea. Have now got 3rd degree burns on my penis. Can’t get much better than that. Reading the responses last night was hilarious.

Randy Kagan’s Twitter entry last night: Vegas rocked. Nice surprise. Fire hot. Head hurt. And Rebecca Tucker’s: Love the Venetian – chocolate shop open till 1am!

A controversy has erupted in Canada’s Alberta province that could eventually involve the Late Late Show. A student there wants to wear a kilt to his graduation ceremony but has been told he cannot. His family has contacted to the show to see about being a guest. GlobalNews.ca looked into the story and mentioned Craig. The CBC also added some details.

Craig performs again at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas tonight. He’ll return to the Venetian in early June. Remember, RSA peeps: If you attended last night’s show or plan to be there tonight, we’d enjoy seeing your pictures and hearing your stories.

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