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It’s Friday, often a quiet day on the set of the Late Late Show at CBS Television City but the crew is working on tonight’s live (shh!) show. Maybe the spirit of Tom Cruise is infusing the show with new (and possibly completely mad) energy. It’s a good rule in Hollywood and anywhere else: Crazy’s okay, as long as it’s your kind of crazy.

Late Late Show Producer Michael Naidus sometimes tweets a capsule of the show after the taping (shh!) but before it airs, using 106 characters. On Wednesday night, he offered this: 106 characters: Who wins the squid battle? Who was right about the studio audience (spoiler alert: not me) … Can you still offend Nazis? Last night’s was particularly interesting: 106 characters on the show: OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!OW! OW! OW!OW! OW! OW!OW! OW! OW!OW! OW! OW!OW! OW! OW!OW! OW! OW!OW! OW! OW!OW! OW! OW! Can’t wait to see what he tweets about tonight!

Craig continues to be in demand as a feature film voice talent. As reported here previously, he will be the voice of “Owl” in Disney’s new Winnie the Pooh movie. It was announced today that the film will be a little more than a year from now.

Another change is coming to the late-night landscape. It appears Fox has canceled Wanda Sykes Saturday night show.

Humorist Dave Barry was pushed from last night’s show by Craig’s long conversation with Robert Downey, Jr. Barry is said to be returning “next week sometime” but has not appeared on the schedules so far. Craig’s guests tonight are Letters to Juliet actress Amanda Seyfried and Chilean-American author of La Isla bajo el mar Isabel Allende.

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