Robot skeleton sidekick Geoff Petersen’s new voice has caused quite a stir this week, bringing some Star Trek fans to the edge of their seats. The voice sounds like actor George Takei, who portrayed Ensign Sulu. But the man behind Geoff is actually voice actor Josh Robert Thompson, who has supplied other voices to the Late Late Show, including a spot-on Morgan Freeman. Coincidentally, the real Morgan Freeman will be a guest on the LLS in early May.

Craig tweeted to the sidekick’s builder Grant Imahara: Geoff has developed the ability to mimic human voices. Right now he is obsessed with revered gay actors but who isn’t To which Grant responded: Oh my! And after some brief confusion that perhaps Takei himself might have been involved, Thompson tweeted the definitive answer: #RSA If anyone asks who does Geoff Petersen’s voice, just send ’em my way. 😉

Craig also sent out a tour-related tweet: Hey Torontonians. Don’t freak about the Massey hall gig being sold out on Sat There’s a late show @ 10. I think there’s still tickets. And then he quickly corrected himself: Oops. I’m in Toronto on Friday not Saturday. I guess I’m jes too purdy to remember stuff right

After Craig and crew pre-record tonight and tomorrow night’s new shows (shh! Shut up!), they will hit the road for tomorrow night’s standup appearance in Toronto. Randy Kagan, the comic who warms up for Craig, tweeted last night: The one two punch tour starts in the morning. I’m looking forward to tweeting cool road pics! When he sends some, we’ll be sure to pass them along.

Meanwhile, Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker apparently got a tattoo last night… we’ll have to ask her what she got. Her tweet: Dean Berton, tattoo master. He looks mean but is a cuddly bear (not really)

It is Earth Day and in that spirit, Craig himself talked about tonight’s show: In honor of the day the show will be partcularly earthy tonight & all material recycled vaudville routines. Kinda the usual old compost For what’s worth, it’s also National Jelly Bean Day.

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig welcomes
Grey’s Anatomy/Supernatural/Weeds actor Jeffery Dean Morgan and Cougar Town actress Busy Phillips.

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