The RSA got a little buzzed up this afternoon when an Australian tabloid newspaper reported than an Australian comedian had signed a deal to temporarily host the Late Late Show for six weeks. Craig himself commented on the article in a tweet this afternoon: I hope reports I’m being replaced by an Australian are false. CBS would never allow a foreigner to do the show. Or would they? Oh no! And LLS assistant producer Andrea Wayland tweeted to RSA member bgrhubarb: That’s just it! They are RUMORS. False. We’re here…I’ve seen him with my own eyes. Pass it on! That seems to be the definitive answer.

Update: Craig continued to humorously tweet about the rumor:

I“m not taking a six week vacation. There is no guest host. . Cocaine is not addictive. #sometimestheinternetcontainsuntruths.

@michaelianblack People will love your hilarious kangeroo stories. Good to see an Aussie boy doing so well. #michaelianblackisntaustralian.

I just heard that Australian hunk @michaelianblack is taking over from Nicole Kidman in General Hospital. #batshitinternetgarbage

Thanks to @michaelianblack for filling in for the last 6 weeks. Many commented on how Scottish his Australian accent sounded.

Meanwhile, Michael Ian Black had fun with the rumor as well:

Will be on “Late, Late Show” tonight. If I kill Craig Ferguson, I become host right?

I just read that @craigyferg is taking a six week vacation and I am the guest host!!! AWESOME!!!

For those of you wondering if I am secretly Australian, the answer is yes, and I will be announcing it during my guest-hosting gig on LLS.

Also, for those (@craigyferg) wondering how you spell “kangaroo,” in Australia we spell it “kangeroo.” Pronounced: “barbie.”

My first guests when I host “LLS” sans @craigyferg – a wombat and a dingo and Mel Gibson. The wombat and dingo will eat Mel Gibson.

For those wondering if I am really guest-hosting for @craigyferg for six weeks, would I be on his show tonight if it WASN’T true?

The one part of that exchange that is true is the Michael Ian Black will be a guest on tonight’s LLS (see full guest list below). Craig is also promising to give us a look at injuries to his left arm, suffered in a fall from an amusement park slide last week: Full story of the Vermont Alpine Slide Incident on the show tonight. I will show boo boo…. And also where I got hurt.

Randy Kagan sent along some photos from inside Craig’s private plane: I put the G in G4. Rebeca chatting with one of the pilots. Jeff Kickin it in the movie room. Our Queerless leader.

Our friend and poet LateLateLass is moving from Clarihews to limericks, drawing on one of Craig’s quirks:

There once was a laddie named Craig,
Who wouldn’t eat chicken with egg.
He caused such a stir,
The mad restauranteur
Said, “Go find a hobo and beg!”

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig talks with Big Brother host Julie Chen, actor/comedian Michael Ian Black and brings us the music of country star Dierks Bentley.

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