It was a shorter road trip today of about 240 miles for Craig & Co. from Orlando to the Coral Springs Center for the Arts near Miami. @rebtuck tweeted the photo at left and said: – Driver Jody gasses up. Chris just stands there not helping. Rebecca buys a truck stop burrito.

@randykagan tweeted this picture of Craig onstage in Orlando last night.

After the Thursday show, Craig tweeted to his adoring fans: Off to bed. Sorry to all the needy tweeters who feel I’m neglecting them. Btw Needy Tweeters is the name I use to clog dance under. The best response of the night came from RSA member phobos8 who added: Not to be confused with the Scottish bakers, The Tweedy Kneaders. #RSA Brilliant!

You’ve probably been seeing the tweets from RSA member @LipSyncingScot about the upcoming Tweet-a-thon on April 5th. The idea is to draw attention to a Santa Monica-based group called Lollipop Theater Network, a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to bringing the magic of movies currently in theaters to children confined to hospitals nationwide due to chronic or life-threatening illnesses.

Craig Ferguson sits on the group’s advisory board and had made personal appeals on their behalf, as seen in this video promoting the Tweet-a-thon:

You can make a donation or read more about how to spread the word by visiting And you can follow the group on Twitter. If you attach the hashtag #lollipoptheater to your tweets on April 5th, it will help raise awareness of a good cause. Thanks to @LipSyncingScot for her efforts to enlist the #RSA.

Craig has one more standup venue to go on this run, Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, FL tomorrow night before heading back to sunny California. In another “classic” episode first aired on February 8th, Craig welcomes actor Pierce Brosnan and folk singer-songwriter Patty Griffin on tonight’s Late Late Show.

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