Spring is here and the blogs are blooming! In case you haven’t seen them, here are a couple of Craig Ferguson sites on the Internets you might enjoy. The first is the blog of the esteemed, high-ranking Robot Skeleton Army officer @Malinky2Stoatir. Malinky posts new episodes of the Late Late Show online each night and runs a blog with guest schedules, Craig news, details about puppets and more.

And thanks to RSA member @Lysemoi, there is a newly redesigned Craig fan website to enjoy. The site includes links to guest lineups, video of Late Late Show episodes, media articles, public appearances and more.

One story making the rounds today was posted by the news service Reuters, which interviewed Craig in Los Angeles about the recent “late night wars” and where he fits in. Craig distances himself from his competitors, saying that what he does is something different.

Fresh, new episodes of the Late Late Show return to CBS tonight… at least for a few days. Craig welcomes actor John Cusack and chef Wolfgang Puck for the first of three new shows this week. The LLS will be off Thursday and Friday due to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament’s “Sweet 16” round.

It’ll be Craig’s first day back since the How to Train Your Dragon movie premiere, the passage of the health care bill and the Saturday Night Live skit that poked fun at his show’s schedule. We’ll see if his chattiness has anything to say about those things tonight. And don’t forget… the debut of Geoff Petersen, robot skeleton sidekick, is just two weeks away!

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  • Fergusonesque

    Thanks for the mention! Though the design is new, the site has been around since February of 2006. 🙂 I know, you'd think I'd have done more with it by now. 🙁