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Craig continues his great work for the Lollipop Theater Network. At a screening today of the movie How To Train Your Dragon, Craig talked with the kids who enjoyed the film. To see a short video of Craig, go to Bubbletweet and click the “watch” button on today’s entry for May 27. Thanks to RSA member monicarnsg for spotting these pictures from LTN:

Friday Fact: If each of Craig Ferguson’s 205,572 followers submitted an 8×10 photograph, the pictures would cover two football fields.

There has been some rain in the Los Angeles area today. LLS assistant producer Andrea Wayland doesn’t want it to rain on the studio: It’s sort of spitting rain!! I hope the roof doesn’t decide to spit rain on the audience, guests, or host. Come on Thursday! Don’t do this! She also reminded us that if you want to send a tweet for Craig to read on the air, the deadline is 6pm ET/3pm PT: Tweets should be in @CraigyFerg ‘s stream by 3:00pm Pacific. Good luck! Taping of each show (shh!) actually begins at around 3pm PT most days, so being an hour or two earlier may improve your chances because Craig and the writers will have a little more time to see it and consider it.

Craig got a mention last night on the Late Show with David Letterman, as Dave chided comedian Don Rickles for appearing on Craig’s show. The exchange comes at about 2:45 into this clip:

Video Courtesy: LateNightLetterman

Actor Michael Sheen joins Craig on the show tonight, followed by music from Band of Horses.

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