Talk about a great day for America! Ghost Rider 2 with Nicolas Cage is coming soon to a theater near you. That must have made Craig’s night. #flamingskullsFTW On an unrelated (we think) note, Criag tweeted an interesting picture this afternoon: Chicken car. Can’t wait to hear what that’s about.

Craig and Rebecca had a chance to preview what’s coming up for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel in August. Both tweeted about it. Craig said: Just saw my shark week special “Best Bites”. Amazing! Very proud to be part of it. Thanks @discovery And Rebecca said: Watched a cut of the Shark Week show last night – I laughed, I cried, I threw up a little at the sight of a mangled human leg (not Craig’s!)

Meanwhile, the folks at are asking viewers which celebrity they would like to see make a guest appearance on Mythbusters. So far, Alton Brown seems to be winning the poll but Craig is still among the top vote-getters. Could a Robot Skeleton Army push help propel him to the top? Note: You have to sign up on their site to take part in the poll.

Some baby names have already started to come in to RSA News. Have a suggestion either for a real name or a funny one? Send us your suggestions using the form on the right side of the page. ——>

A few were straightforward suggestions for names, nearly all of them for girls and four of them specifically to name the baby after Craig’s mother:

@beammelate – Christina/Kristina,Abigail
@Ladyjanet – Netta- for his mom.
@AnnaCarline – Robert or Janet after your parents.
@sevija – Janetta
@chelancat – Janet (Craig’s moms name)

Others were funny ideas from some witty roboskellies:

@LOLLioness – Callista Rose, if it`s a boy
@ellejay – Farley Otis Farthingay Ferguson – Initials would be F.O.F.F.
@guinfred – nigel betty ferguson
@cann – Rosaline Sara-Ann (R.S.A)
@AnnaCarline – Bing Hitler?
@eecricket – Sean Connery Ferguson

Also, right below the baby name form, we have a poll, suggested by @bgrhubarb and @Fergufool: Which #hashtag should RSA members use when tweeting about it? We’ll pass along the results after a few days of voting. ——>

LLS assistant producer Andrea Wayland had a reminder today about sending in questions for Craig to read on the show: LLS fans, please make sure you tweet DIRECTLY to Craig, not to me. Thanks!!

The Late Late Show ends the week featuring actress Ellen Page and music by Julie Gribble.

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