That first day back from being on the road is always a tough one. The proof is in Craig’s tweets on Monday: Man I’m tired today. Could barely stat awake during show. Now I know what it’s like for you guys. And moments later: Eek. So tired can’t even tweet. Wrote “stat” instead of “stay”. My poor sausage fingers are limp & weary. The typo patrol never rests.

As hoped, Craig talked a little bit about traveling in Monday night’s monologue:

Video Courtesy: Malinky2Stoatir

And the best exchange of the night:

Craig: “You can’t f*ing bleep Morgan Freeman!”
Morgan Freeman: “They wouldn’t f*ing dare!”

That moment right there is why the Late Late Show is so awesome.

The host of National Public Radio’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Peter Sagal, appeared on the Late Late Show on Friday. He talks about the appearance in his blog. (Thanks to RSA member fgtrplr for the heads up).

Tonight’s guests on the Late Late Show are actors Andy Garcia and Donald Glover.

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