Those cheeky monkeys at the Nerdist went ahead and posted the podcast featuring Craig late Sunday night instead of today as promised. And when they did, Craig re-tweeted it to the world. So, for the two or three of you who haven’t already heard it, enjoy the link. The Podcast runs about two hours.

Update: Craig tweeted after today’s taping of the Late Late Show (shh!) and promises something big: BIG NEWS on the show tonight. Slightly incontinent with excitement. We’ve heard a rumor about what it is but we’ll wait to see tonight’s show.

Earlier this year as How To Train Your Dragon was being released, Craig talked with Manny the Movie Guy about the role of “Gobber”.

Video courtesy: mdelar

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig welcomes actor Bradley Whitford and singer/songwriter Shelby Lynne performs her new song “Why Didn’t You Call Me?”.

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