Tonight is the night! After weeks of anticipation and cheeky previews, Geoff Petersen the robot skeleton sidekick makes his official debut on the Late Late Show tonight! He will be accompanied by his Mythbusters creator, Grant Imahara and might even sit alongside one of Craig’s favorite guests, actress Kristen Bell. The massive Robot Skeleton Army is all atwitter… on Twitter and elsewhere.

Craig himself tweeted: Tonight the robot sidekick Geoff Petersen makes his debut. This ends the domination of TV by partially organic life forms. #lollipoptheater

Later he added: Geoff Petersen the robot sidekick has a metal mohawk & the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen.

Grant tweeted from the set: Watching rehearsals and witnessing the comic genius that is @CraigyFerg#lollipoptheater

As did producer Michael Naidus: Geoff Peterson roams the stage …. be afraid. #LollipopTheater

The other big event of the day is the Lollipop Theater tweet-a-thon, where RSA members (including Craig, Michael and Grant as seen above) are including the #lollipoptheater hashtag to their tweets, getting it to trend and draw attention to a great charity supported by Craig Ferguson himself and profiled here on the RSA News (see our archive for more information). It has appeared in the top ten trending topics in the US and Canada during the day. Congratulations to LipSyncingScot and friends for a great idea to raise awareness.

There are a couple of smaller news stories going on today, including a space shuttle launch and some sort of basketball game but RSA members will be focused on the Late Late Show tonight!

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