Tonight’s venue for Craig’s standup show in the Hard Rock Live in Orlando, Florida, a 440 mile journey by tour bus from Atlanta through Macon, Valdosta and Gainsville. Coral Springs and Clearwater are still ahead on this week’s tour.

RSA member @colleen_byrne reports that after the first month of sales of Robot Skeleton Army gear, more than $400 will be going to aid relief efforts in Haiti and Chile, through Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross. Thanks to Colleen for helping the Robot Skeleton Army do its part to help those in need. Colleen says money raised in March will continue go for earthquake relief. Then in April, the focus changes to the Lollypop Theater, which is planning a Tweet-a-Thon on April 5th. We’ll have more on that tomorrow. To visit her online store, get your RSA gear and give to a good cause click here.

Randy Kagan tweeted from backstage tonight: Backstage at the Hard Rock. Now i know why they call it Hard Rock. It’s hard to rock.

We’ve spotted no tweets from Grant Imahara on his progress building Geoff Petersen. In the meantime, Adam Goldberg and Abbie Cornish are Craig’s guests on tonight’s “Best of” LLS, from January 21st.

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