The twitterverse is buzzing with Geoff Petersen’s appearances at ComicCon in San Diego this weekend. Here is a rundown of the tweets to get you up to speed.

Geoff introduced the Mythbusters panel at ComicCon last night. As that was happening, Craig tweeted that he was taking advantage of the situation, many miles to the north in San Francisco: As Geoff Peterson distracts gullible nerds @ #sdcc I am at M5 stealing miles of duct tape to build my own Jamie. If Craig builds his own Jamie Hyneman, think of what they could build together!

This afternoon, Geoff is meeting fans at the CBS booth at ComicCon. Craig added a couple of plugs for Geoff’s appearance: I hear Geoff Peterson will be signing autographs today @ the CBS booth @ #SDCC 2-5pm. I guess David Caruso couldn’t make it. #CBScares // Geoff Peterson @ CBS booth @ #SDCC 2pm today. I call robot skeleton army FLASHMOB! Skeletons ho!

Voice actor Josh Robert Thompson, who gives Geoff that uniquely George Takai-sounding voice, tweeted a photo last night: Me and Geoff Petersen on the red carpet. #sdcc #RSA And he sent a reminder that he is with Geoff today: I will be at the CBS booth (#4129) today from 2-5PM with Geoff Petersen! Stop by and say OH MYYYYY! #Comic-Con #RSA

Late Late Show producer Michael Naidus talked about Geoff’s appearance at last night’s Mythbusters panel: Geoff a big hit at ComiCon. 2000+ in ballroom as he introduces @nerdist Chris Hardwick and Mythbusters panel. He added a pair of observations on the event: Grant Imahara promises he “has a kit ready” in case Geoff becomes self-aware and turns on Craig. // Grant reveals Geoff’s upgrades include I-Pad control. Chris Hardwick says this means he will not be able to make actual phone calls. And he plugged Geoff’s appearance today as well: Meet Geoff Peterson 2day @ CBS Comic-Con booth – he also has a gift 4 fans that visit. 2-5 pm. // 50 people currently on line to meet Geoff Peterson. If you’re at ComiCon … He’s here until 5.

CBS’s publicity folks also tweeted two pictures last night: @craigyferg‘s skeleton robot Geoff from The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson introducing the MythBusters Panel // @craigyferg‘s skeleton robot on the red carpet after surprise appearance @ MythBusters panel

If you were part of the flashmob at ComicCon, please send us links to your pictures and any stories you have about meeting Geoff, Josh or any of the CBS folks at the show. We would be happy to share them with the RSA.

Tomorrow is Monday, which means the start of another week of the Late Late Show. Craig kicks things off with actor Steve Carell and music by She & Him. Tuesday, actor Morgan Freeman returns to the program, followed by the music of The Black Keys. On Wednesday, actress/author Carrie Fisher will light up the LLS stage, as will actor Ron Livingston. Stage and screen actress Mary Louise Parker and medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta arrive on Thursday. And on Friday, Craig chats with actors Neil Patrick Harris and Christopher Gorham (pictured at left), who tweeted to Craig last week: Ok, @CraigyFerg , I’ll see you in a week and I’m bringing round bacon.

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