After swimming with sharks in the Bahamas over the weekend, Craig Ferguson is back in Los Angeles for all new episodes of the Late Late Show. To see Craig with the sharks, you’ll have to wait until August 1st, which will be the start of “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel. Watch for promotional announcements on Discovery during the month of July or check out their website for more.

We’re hearing that Craig’s stand up comedy appearances in Redbank, NJ and Glenside (near Philadelphia), PA are already sold out. If you’re hoping to see Craig in Boston, Stamford or Atlantic City, book early to avoid disappointment.

Former host of the Late Late Show Craig Kilborn returns to television tonight on several (though not all) Fox television stations around the country with a comedy talk show at 7pm ET. Kilborn was profiled this weekend in the Arizona Republic.

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig chats with comedian Howie Mandel, actress Jane Adams and magician Drew Thomas.

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