It’s Saturday, Craig is in Vegas and more than his show is hot. Sweltering temperatures in the Southwest have everyone sweating. Craig tweeted today: Jeez. It’s 110 in Vegas. My implants have melted and my eyebrows have scorched off. Won 2nd prize in a AARP Cher lookalike contest

The Las Vegas Sun listed Craig’s appearance again today.

Thank goodness for Malinky2Stoatir, who has been painstakingly restoring important videos about Craig Ferguson to YouTube on her new channel, TVsCraigFerguson, including not only clips of the Late Late Show, but interviews of Craig by others. Last year, Craig sat down with former Disney top dog Michael Eisner on CNBC for a very candid interview. They talked about Craig’s career and some of the key monologues in the Late Late Show… including Craig’s now well-publicized thoughts of suicide and the deaths of his father and mother. If you’ve not seen this interview before, enjoy.

Video courtesy: TVsCraigFerguson

We’ve been hearing rumors about upcoming guests in June including Jean Michel Cousteau, who will likely have something today about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, comic book legend and Twitter battle wager Stan Lee, and if we’re very lucky, James Dyson himself will be on the show to talk about “the proper amount of suction”. Keep reading the RSA News for specific dates!

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