Voice actor Josh Robert Thompson, the voice behind Geoff Petersen, let us know last night that good things were ahead: Worked w/@MYTHBUSTERS‘s robotic mastermind @GrantImahara @ CBS today.Prepare yourself 4 GEOFF PETERSEN:ROBOT SIDEKICK 2.0!! And sure enough, what a great show it was!

LLS assistant producer Andrea Wayland said it best: Watching things unfold naturally on the show tonight was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Hysterical. Craig concurred: Wow ! Peterson upgrades & @grantimahara talking robots then sexy 3 way with Jeffrey Dean Morgan & @rajskub Best show so far this week.

For those RSA members going to ComicCon, here are the details of Geoff’s appearance. If you are going, we’d enjoy hearing your stories and seeing pictures!

Sharp eyed RSA member KimberlyJ1792 pointed us to a blog post all about Sid the Cussing Bunny!

She charmed us as Ugly Betty and co-starred with Craig in How To Train Your Dragon… tonight, Craig welcomes actress America Ferrera to the show, along with biologist Dan Riskin and comedian Fred MacAulay.

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