We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.

Surprise, surprise… on Friday night’s show, Shirley Manson made an unpublicized appearance and dropped bombshell: She recently got married to an unnamed American. The story was quickly picked up by several outlets, including Scottish papers The Daily Record and the Sun.

The Daily Record’s George Galloway blogged about Craig this weekend as well… the entry is the second on the page.

The Minneapolis version of the online newspaper The Examiner has a story about the bunny rabbit puppet with the foul mouth seen on the last couple of shows.

Voice actor Josh Robert Thompson, the voice behind Geoff Petersen, was profiled on the local CBS station in Los Angeles.

Craig & Co. have been mostly quiet on Twitter but will be back in the studio tomorrow. Craig had a couple of tweets over the long weekend, the first supporting Donald Glover (you can read more about why in the Washington Post): MrDonaldGlover RETWEET! #donald4spiderman And the other wishing everyone a great holiday: Nice day today. Marinated my burgers in hot sauce. Then went to a barbeque. Happy Memorial Day folks. Thanks to all who serve.

Tonight on the Late Late Show, a classic (rerun) episode from April 16th, featuring singer Willie Nelson and actress Ellie Kemper. New shows return tomorrow night with a special three-day “Magic Week”.

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