What a great show last night, including Sid the cussing rabbit and a great skit with Craig and Josh Robert Thompson as Larry King and Arnold. They were cracking each other up! Last night, Craig sent this: I don’t know if you guys will laugh at the Larry King skit on tonights show but I damn near peed my pants. Thanks @joshrthompson And Josh tweeted back: Thanks, @CraigyFerg, for giving me a home on your late night vaudeville revue!

We had posted a link here to the DearScotland.com site, which features a compilation of appearances by Scots on the Late Late Show, including Gerard Butler, Robert Carlyle, Ewan McGregor and Billy Connolly. However, we have received reports from some readers that their computers alerted them to a virus when they accessed the page, so we have taken down the link.

Our friends at RSA_History have completed their report on the now-famous “all puppets all the time” 1000th episode of the Late Late Show. They’ve posted links to the show on YouTube posted by Malinky2Stoatir, the RSA’s TVsCraigFerguson.

Some sharp-eyed viewers have noticed that Geoff Petersen and the team that makes him work are now being included in the credits of the Late Late Show. RSA member SunnyAnnie84 captured the screen to show us. And Grant Imahara tweeted some credits as well: Team Geoff is: me (creator), Tom Straw (writer/puppeteer), JoshRThompson (voice), Ian Kornbluth (recording/editing), & craigyferg (host!) Congratulations and thanks to everyone who makes Geoff possible. We know it’s harder than it looks and we’re grateful! Josh tweeted this to Grant: Thank the maker, @grantimahara, for Geoff Petersen 2.0! MY voice, YOUR body. Oh MYYYYYYYYYY!! #RSA

And if you can’t get enough of Geoff Petersen, check out this YouTube channel with plenty of Geoff interacting with fans at ComicCon last Sunday.

Actress/author Carrie Fisher will light up the LLS stage tonight, as will actor Ron Livingston.

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