What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Thankfully, our RSA members are willing to share some of their experiences taking a trip to see Craig perform live. The one and only SariesWick, who appeared on the Late Late Show back in March wearing her Robot Skeleton Army t-shirt, has a detailed account of her adventure with Colleen_Byrne, LolLioness and Monsie, including her time backstage. She also took some nice photos here and here.

As SariesWick mentioned, she ran into another loyal RSA member, Fanny 57, at the show. Fanny took a bunch of photos of the Venetian and other sights around Las Vegas for us to enjoy as well as several videos. Thanks to both ladies for sharing their experience with the rest of the RSA!

We’ve been keeping an eye on RSA member mobudaki, whose cat got loose during a flight layover at the Dallas Fort Worth airport. According to tweets we’ve seen today, her cat may have been spotted at the airport and people are looking hard today. Let’s cross our fingers for her!

Craig tweeted about his (temporary?) new look last night: Jeez. My hair was too high & I wore sneakers on the show tonight. I looked like a cut price Ellen impersonator. Current mood: proud. His assistant, Rebecca Tucker added: Boss was wearing a suit w/sneakers tonite and asked me before show “do I look too much like Melanie Griffith in “Working Girl”? Love my job! And assistant producer Andrea Wayland chimed in today: Wonder what kind of sneakers are going to be broken out on the show tonight. I hope they are stripey. Or maybe those Converse high heels!!

Rebecca also noted today a term we’ve been familiar with for a while in the RSA: You know you’ve hit the big time when you make Urban Dictionary http://tinyurl.com/yellv7l

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig welcomes back author and playwright John Waters and actress/singer Taraji P. Henson. Also, today is World Oceans Day, as designated by the United Nations. In light of recent events in the Gulf of Mexico, it seems an appropriate day to recognize.

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