What a night on the LLS! Loyal RSA member Sara made it on the show wearing a Robot Skeleton Army shirt, available here thanks to RSA member Colleen_Byrne, who tells us that 15 more shirts have sold just since the show aired last night. Proceeds in the month of March benefit victims of the Haiti and Chile earthquakes. As she put it: Way to go, skeletons! 🙂

And as if that weren’t enough, Craig and Grant gave us an update on the construction of Geoff Petersen, the robot skeleton sidekick, complete with glowing blue eyes!

The always reliable Malinky2Stoatir captured the moment and posted it for your enjoyment:

Later in the show, when Craig brought on television veteran Regis Philbin, we were lucky enough to get a song from Regis and his wife Joy. Sara tweeted last night that the show was epic, and it certainly was.

In a new interview with smartplanet.com, Grant Imahara talks about how he got on the show Mythbusters and talks about his work building the sidekick: You’re working on a robot sidekick for Craig Ferguson. How did that come to be and how’s it going? Craig Ferguson is a huge fan of MythBusters. He enjoys our work, as we do his. He recently joined Twitter. He, as a joke, calls the people who follow him [on Twitter] his “robot skeleton army.” He had the idea, What if I had a real robot skeleton? I think he mentioned it on his show. I got a few tweets from people who are both fans of his show and our show who said, “You should build this robot skeleton for Craig.” I tweeted to Craig. I said, “If you get me to 100,000 [Twitter] followers, I will build you your very own robot skeleton sidekick.” Virtually overnight, I got up to 100,000 followers. We’ve been communicating back and forth about what this robot skeleton might be like. He’s so excited, as am I, to see this thing come to life. It’s going to be on [Ferguson’s] show April 5. Have you completed the robot? It’s not done. I’m basically building this sidekick for Craig in my spare time. Right now, we’re in the middle of production on MythBusters. We do all the planning and building for the experiments. It’s a full-time job. I stay late every night and I go in on the weekends to work on this robot. It’s taking quite awhile. He’s looking very, very good and I think he’s going to be a really fun addition to the show.

Craig tells the New York Post that he’s just happy to be hanging around CBS until he says something that will get him fired and he’ll worry about his future after that.

Tonight’s LLS will be the last for this week because the NCAA men’s basketball tournament “Sweet 16” round will pre-empt the show on Thursday and Friday night. Tonight, Craig has three guests on the schedule, including one last plug for How To Train Your Dragon from actor/writer Jonah Hill, along with actress Emily Procter and singer Mishka.

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