Why is it a great day for America? It’s Friday!

Grant Imahara tweeted that he’s “gearing up” for a weekend of working on Craig’s robot skeleton sidekick: Gearing up (heh, get it?) for a weekend of working on @CraigyFerg’s robot skeleton. Hm, better wear the Nomex underpants…

Craig tweeted later in the day that he’s seen the plans: Checking out @grantimahara’s blueprints for robot skeleton. Beyond awesome but double plus secret so don’t ask.

Grant replied: @CraigyFerg I forgot to mention, you must EAT the blueprints after viewing them. That is why they’re printed on Cheez-Its.

Meanwhile, efforts continue to help @CraigyFerg win various internet polls, including the political humor section of about.com’s favorite late night comedian poll and faxo.com’s Mr. Twitter for the month of March. That Mr. Twitter one might be difficult… lots of Osmonds involved. And there’s another faxo.com Twitter poll for best You Tube channel, where you can vote for the prolific @Malinky2Stoatir

It’s follow Friday, so there are plenty of follows and hashtags being tweeted. An interesting note: There are several other groups using “RSA” has a hashtag including a cryptography/security association and others. Methinks #robotskeletonarmy is more unique, albeit using up more characters. #properamountofsuction is fun, too.

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