UPDATE: Jimmy Fallon is aware of Craig’s challenge to wave a (not) Mickey Mouse hand (for copyright reasons) on his show. He tweeted this evening: Heard about @CraigyFerg‘s “wave for peace” in the “Late Night Wars” We’re not sure if he heard about it in time for today’s taping (shh!) of Late Night but we’ll keep an eye open tonight and tomorrow to see if the hand appears.

It has been confirmed that Craig will host Boston’s 4th of July celebration for the fourth consecutive year.  The appearance fits in nicely with Craig’s east coast stand up comedy tour in July.

Regarding his recent on-air look, Craig said this: Going for sneakers again tonight but perhaps easing up on the bonkers Christopher Walken hairdo. Does that mean less “high hair”?

Don’t forget to tune your googlyweb thingy to the Nerdist tomorrow (Thursday, in your region), where Craig Ferguson appears as Chris Hardwick’s podcast guest. Chris will also have a musical guest, Sara Watkins, formerly of the country/bluegrass band Nickel Creek. And Craig turns the tables next week, when Chris appears as a guest on the Late Late Show.

Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker responded to a question on Twitter recently about opportunities to meet Craig. Here’s what she said: “…as far as I know, the only shows with meet and greets were in Vegas” That means seeing Craig on the road may mean waiting at the stage door, as several RSA members have done at other shows. Security may be different from place to place, so it’s important to be flexible and respectful. Craig always seems to be accommodating when meeting fans but remember he may be in a hurry and personal attention may not be possible. The best way to see Craig in person is still simply buying a ticket to a performance or attending a taping (shh) of the LLS in Los Angeles.

Tonight’s guests on the Late Late Show are actress Kyra Sedgwick and “Draco” from Harry Potter, actor Tom Felton. Note: Twitter is having major issues again today. We will post links and/or updates when possible.

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